Zwelabo wedding dress

R 35,000
Wonderful, luxurious, elegant and confident is the style and beadwork of this wedding dress.

Beadwork: x1 Handmade beaded itshali and x1 ibhande
Materials used:
100% Czech seed beads
100% white cotton thread
 Your beadwork coding will be designed differently, especially for you.
Zulu colours pairing or quad:
 blue = loyalty
   white/cream = purity & love
   red= love
   yellow = wealth & fertility


Zwelabo beach dress:
100% Cotton Cupro
Colour: white
Silhouette: A-line
Length: tea
Lining: polycotton and cream tulle
Back zipper


Beach Bride Dress versatility for: Award ceremony, banquet, debutante, wedding, anniversary, date night, operetta, society, cotillion, ballgown

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