Phiwe wedding dress

R 15,500

Sexual attraction.

The dress appears to slip off your body... Smooth hemp silk fabric makes this creation elegant and strong for wearing from day to night time at your beach wedding.

Beadwork: x1 Handmade itshali
Materials used:
100% Czech seed beads
100% White cotton thread

  Your beadwork coding will be designed differently, especially for you.

Zulu colours pairing or quad: 
   blue = loyalty
   white = purity & love
    red= love 
    yellow = wealth & fertility

Phiwe beach dress:
60% Hemp + 40% Silk
Colour: off-white 
Soft draping
Elongated A-line silhouette
Length: mid-calf
Lining: hemp and polycotton
Back zipper and lacing


Beach Bride Dress versatility for: Award ceremony, banquet, cocktail, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, maid of honour, anniversary, date night, operettas, society, fashion shows

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