Jocelle wedding dress

R 6,500

Ooh la la! 

We think that this beach bride dress is that sassy wedding dress that only you can wear at the wedding.

Beadwork: x1 Handmade ucu and x2 ibhengele 
Materials used:
100% Czech seed beads
100% White cotton thread
Cotton blend fabric

 Your beadwork coding will be designed differently, especially for you.
Zulu colours meaning:
  blue = loyalty
   white= purity & love
   red = love
yellow = wealth & fertility

Jocelle beach dress:
Top part: 55% Hemp + 45% Cotton
Back clear round buttons 
Bottom tiers: 100% Cotton, and 55% Hemp + 45% Cotton
x2 Side buttons
Back zipper
Knife pleats
Colours: off-white and cream
Silhouette: A-line
Length: trail
Lining: polycotton
Beach Bride Dress versatility: Bridesmaid, maid of honour, honeymoon, debutante, prom, art exhibitions, music recitals, ball, operettas, birthday, wedding, anniversary, garden party, date night, banquets, fashion shows

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