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Symbolising Woman & Man

South African Zulu beadwork is infused with triangular shapes to symbolise women and men as individuals and their marital status in societies. Beach Bride Dresses appreciates this emotive art form and during our development, we consulted numerous scholarly articles. Here are a few: 

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The historical seven Zulu beading colours are black (marriage), white (purity & love), blue (loyalty), yellow (wealth & fertility), green (happiness), pink (promise & high status) and red (love). Beach Bride Dresses only codes with Czech seed beads to produce unique designs in beadwork for you.

Czech seed bead colours don't rinse in water and the bead diameters are all uniform. These beads are high quality and are made in the Czech Republic.

Bead the Code


Historical documents evident in South Africa record that a man named Barbosa found indigenous people growing and wearing cotton as early as 1516. This was a species of wild cotton which still exists today. Beach Bride Dresses favour cotton fabric because the plant prefers a warm climate and requires a substantial amount of moisture for its seed to germinate.

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Isigolwani (say Isi-gohl-wa-neh) is made in the traditional Ndebele (say N-dee-beh-leh) way by twisting dried grass into a coil then binding it with cotton and hand stitching Czech seed beads onto it in an unique design. Beach Bride Dresses admire the isigolwani with sash because it is worn by married women for generations to declare their marital status during ceremonial processions.


Cotton is harvested to make fabric because the world uses it more than any other fiber. Beach Bride Dresses is impressed by this natural fiber’s many advantages such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort and it is hypoallergenic, weatherproof and durable.

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Sericulture_Silk_Beach Bride Dresses


The allure of silk farming is that it can happen year long. In South Africa, silkworm farming is thriving and high quality silkworms feed on mulberry trees. Beach Bride Dresses enjoys the small luxury and timeless value of this fabric. Like cotton, silk is a natural fabric that retains moisture on the skin and is known for its hypoallergenic properties thus making it compatible with all skin types.


As a fabric, hemp has the look of classic linen and can have the feel- depending upon fabric blend, of your favourite flannel. Like cotton, hemp is a cool choice for summer dressing. Beach Bride Dresses love that hemp breathes well and is recommended for warm, humid beach weddings. Hemp fabric softens with age and with each wash. This eco-fabric provides protection from the sun with its UV resistant qualities.

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