Ms. Bianca Brief
 I’m South African, the designer and complete owner of Beach Bride Dresses (Pty) Ltd.  Pairing Beach Bride Dresses with South African beadwork is important to me because it’s an emotionally rich, handmade communicative art form perfect for brides. I'm happy to collaborate with 4 creative business people and their teams in different regions and bring Beach Bride Dresses to you. 


 Mrs. Zwelabo Mahlangu
I am a married woman of the Ndebele tribe and a certified traditional beader in the Mpumalanga province, South Africa.  I  taught my daughters and some ladies in our community to make South African cultural beadwork using their hands. My company, Zwelabo n Daughters, are the official beaders for Beach Bride Dresses. 


  Mr. Douw Brits
  I’m happily married and a business owner for over 20 years in Joburg. My focus is making garments for the health, hospitality and corporate industries.
My team and I enjoy a creative challenge and use our hands with technology when working on the production of the dresses.


 Ms. Bongeka D.
 Inspiration for creativity is everywhere. I was born into a creative and   talented family in rural South Africa. I love arts and computers, which led me to work in Digital Arts. It’s my calling.
Unique, edgy and out-of-the box concepts inspire my designs, and I’m very particular about colours. Understanding a client’s vision and personality are important to me when I’m creating graphics for them.


Ms. Kerryn Botha
Port Elizabeth is a beautiful, naturally preserved coastal town in South Africa and that's where I reside. I'm an entrepreneur from an early age and use my creativity in different ways. I have a passion for photography and specialize in certain techniques that showcase people and products beautifully as they are meant to be.