About BBD
 Ms. Bianca 
Dear Beautiful Woman, welcome to a unique wedding dresses store!
I created Beach Bride Dresses in 2017 after returning from a vacay to the pristine Seychelles where I saw that a veil and lengthy dresses don't work in a tropical location.  Using my previous background in Health, I focused on creating dresses made from natural fabrics because your skin breathes and sweat.                                                                                                                   
I want you to consider the fabrics that will be most comfortable in warm climates with harsh sunlight... These are natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, silk etc. that keep you cooler, ventilated in brilliant sunshine and humidity. You want light, flowing, breathable fabrics. Not chiffon, lace, tulle, crepe etc. that are light and synthetic but clings to your sweaty body. Such should be detail for the dress and/or underlining as seen in Zwelabo wedding Dress. 
Now let's address the jewelry of Beach Bride Dresses...Did you know that South African beadwork is visual literacy?? YES, it contains a special story about the wearer! Research on historical beadwork in South Africa presents evidence of much symbolism across the various clans. I decided on the Zulu bead code to be most romantic and suitable for Beach Bride Dresses because the triangular shapes are symbolic representations of  men and women.                                                                                                                                             

Two groups of women from the Ndebele clan in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa, bead the African jewelry. Together we  agreed to use the Zulu bead code on predominantly Ndebele adornment structures. And thus we became innovative! The Ndebele women are talented and expert beaders who learnt beading at a pre-adolescent age from their grannies and moms. They understand shape and aesthetics and have the patience for time consuming beadwork that is a labour of love. The women bring all my sketches to life in the vibrant patterns that are non-duplicated because we respect the uniqueness of each bride. Some of the African jewelry are then packaged inside unique baskets that are custom weaved by women in rural Zimbabwe. 

So, the Beach Bride Dresses for beach weddings and other occasions that you see displayed in this store are unique because of the beautiful pairing of natural fabric designs with handmade African jewelry that contains a story about you. Truly extraordinary!

Best wishes and love,