The Perfect Wedding Dress for the African Minimalist Bride

Sometimes, less is more—and your wedding is no exception. If you're a self-proclaimed minimalist, a simple wedding dress will help you express your personal style and taste, while allowing you to feel like yourself on your big day. After all, there's no sense in wearing a wedding dress that doesn't feel like you. 

As a minimalist, you prefer things simple, but this by no means equates to boring, especially when it comes to your wedding attire. With plenty of chic and stylish wedding dresses to choose from at Beach Bride Dresses, you'll have no problem finding an elegant and drool-worthy gown to suit your style preference. 


A minimalist dress for the African bride:

A minimal dress is mostly white and can be long or short but its beauty is in the simplicity – simple material, a gorgeous silhouette and comfortable fabrics! 


Choose Beach Bride Dresses:
Not all wedding dress fabrics are created equally. Some fabrics are better suited for structured designs, others are great for flowing, light looks, and others for larger-than-life ballgowns. 
At Beach Bride Dresses, we use natural fabrics because we understand that you’re an organic human. Our designs have a 'unique ethereal' appeal with light, timelessness, and stunning feminine detailing.
Select a bold statement piece to accentuate your minimalist look. The key is to choose one statement piece that will best suit your style.
Our complementary South African beadwork is historical, stylish, and transforms the dress into a complete outfit. 
So, we want you to think of minimalism as everything that comes together as one aesthetic.