beach bride dresses


In March 2017, during the Easter holidays, a woman in her mid-thirties arrived alone on romantic Mahe island in the Seychelles. She was there to heal her broken heart. One late morning, strolling on the pristine beach she observed a wedding in procession. The bride was wearing a long gown, held her high heel shoes in one hand and with the other fumbled with her damp, sand-swept hemline and wilting bouquet. This was the moment when the idea for Beach Bride Dresses sprouted.

The quality of Beach Bride Dresses is its choice of fabrics: 100% woven cotton and duchess satin. Its design signature is isiZulu beadwork that is exclusive to the Republic of South Africa. IsiZulu beadwork is done by hand and uses geometric patterns and seven specific colors (black, blue, yellow, green, pink, red, white) to communicate messages as well as to distinguish between the genders and marital status.

The isiZulu beadwork serves as communicable embellishment onto the beach bride dresses. These embellishments are detachable adornments which empower the brides to wear the dresses again and again…

The design and length of our dresses are ideally suited for beach weddings, whether for an intimate or large ceremony. Each dress is made to order to ensure the highest quality at an affordable price.



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